To book a session, contact Cea at –

250-819-5134 or

* The best way to contact Cea for fastest response is to send an email.

* Ask for a complementary 15 minute phone meeting to ask questions and find out if these counselling and wellness offerings are a good fit for you.

Shimmering Tree Office

614  Battle Street,

Kamloops, BC


Out of session consultation time: From time to time you may need counselling outside of your regular session time.  I am available to support you briefly between appointments, if possible, for up to 10 minutes.  If you need more than 10 minutes,  this time will be billed to you at the regular session rate.  It is recommended you book an emergency or midweek support session if you are experiencing high stress or crisis.  

Emergency: If you are unable to get through to me and it is urgent, please call 911 or 250-374-5111, go to the nearest emergency room or follow the emergency instructions, or call the local Interior Crisis Line: 310-6789 (do not add 250 before the number).  Someone will be available to talk with you 24 hours a day here.  

*Please leave a message with me as to where you can be contacted if you have have taken other steps to get support, in the interim, so I can check in with you when I am able.


Counselling & Therapy

Personal Counselling & Trauma Therapy

$ 115/ 60 min

$ 135/ 90 min


Bundled Savings

In order to support you in both successfully completing your healing goals & saving money, Shimmering Tree offers treatment bundles:

      • Individual session: one 60 minute session is $115
      • Bundle One: you receive 6 sessions for $110 per session, saving $30
      • Bundle Two: you receive 12 sessions for $100 per session, saving $180
           * Cash, e-transfer, Visa, Mastercard and American Express accepted.

For Third Party Support & Blling and Cancellation Policy information read here

Growth Groups

Rewiring for Resiliency & Well Being


(8 weeks) Regular – $200

Earlybird – $185

Rewiring for Resiliency & Well Being – Part 1

(Jan 9 – Mar 6/17 – holidays off)

Rewiring for Resiliency & Well Being – Part 1

Rewiring for Resiliency & Well Being – Part 2

Rewiring for Resiliency & Well Being – Part 3

Rewiring for Resiliency & Well Being – Part 4


The first growth group work builds the foundation for the next growth group coming Feb 2018.  Be ready.

Rewiring the Brain for Love


(Sept 18-Oct. 2, Thanksgiving off, Oct. 16- Nov. 27, 2017)

(10 weeks) Regular – $275+ tx

Earlybird – $235+tx


MindHeart Healing Arts

MindHeart Healing Arts session

$115/ 60 min

$125/ 75 min

$135/ 90 min


    Feeding My Fire – Mini-Retreats & Workshops


Feeding My Fire – Mini-Retreats (1 day)

Regular – $175

Earlybird – $140

Feeding My Fire – Weekend Workshops (2 day) 

Regular – $285

Earlybird – $245

*Including materials, meals & tax


Chakradance Retreats (2 day)

Regular – $285

Earlybird – $245

*Including meals, accommodation & tax


Mindfulness in Motion

Regular session – $115/60 min