MindHeart Healing Arts

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MindHeart Healing  Arts

What clients of MindHeart Healing Arts say…

”Cea is warm, gentle, compassionate & down-to-earth.  Her intuitive skills, spiritual understandings and professional knowledge combine to deliver effective treatment. Cea’s sessions accelerate natural growth and facilitate emotional, spiritual and physical healing. I feel significantly more relaxed, peaceful & energized after a session with Cea and would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better.”

Meryl Davies, MEd, Counsellor , Teacher

“When I brought my tween daughter to see you, it felt like our world had crumbled. The MindHeart healing arts session was an instant relief for her.  I felt her anxiety subside and she was then able to come to counselling. After four counselling sessions, she was clear, she was able to understand and heal through a potentially marring experience. We are now well on the road to recovery, and I believe my daughter has a better grip on the reality of our situation and how to avoid such danger in the future. You really have a wonderful heart, and we thank you.”

T. R, Parent, Kamloops, BC

“After being diagnosed with a blood cancer called Polycythemia Vera, which  produces too many red blood cells, and causes thickening of the blood that could lead to clots, stroke or heart attack, I began to work with Cea. The medical treatment plan I was on was to have blood letting every six weeks at the hospital (painful)…. Shortly after I started to work with Cea, the blood count came down to almost normal.  I believe Cea helped obtain these amazing results.”

B.F., Kamloops, BC

“I really enjoyed my time in your space.  Both the Healing Arts session and the Cocooning.  

The loft was beautiful and peaceful.  The timing of the treatment session with you was good– getting settled into the loft first and then having time after (cocooning) to reflect, write and draw was perfect!

I feel like I gained a lot of insight in my time with you.  Overall, I feel much better and I have returned to the notes I made while I was there, a few times this week, to remind myself.

Thank you so much for your kindness and caring.  It was a wonderful experience and I will be back.”  

J.N., Professional, Kamloops, BC

“I began working with Cea when I had chronic nerve pain in my shoulder, arm and hand.  The doctor told me nothing more could be done and I just had to accept it.  Sometimes this area would feel numb and I would have tingling in my fingers.  After 3 sessions, the pain and numbness was gone.”  

L.P., Kamloops, BC

“I was diagnosed with aggressive cancer in my spine, liver and brain.  I lost the ability to walk.  The doctor told me that even if I survived, I would never walk again as there were three areas where there was too much damage to the spine.  I did chemotherapy and the cancer went into remission.  I worked with Cea, and 6 weeks later I was was not only able to walk but I could dance!  This shows to me the power of our minds in healing.”

S. C., Vancouver, BC

“I would not ordinarily try energy healing work, but after not sleeping for 4 days because of excruciating back pain, I was open to anything.  The doctors had told me that it was nerve pain and that there was nothing more they could do.  I went for a session with Cea and the pain dropped for a few hours.  The next session there was relief for longer.  After four or five sessions, the pain was completely gone and I was able to go golfing.  I thought I’d be out for the season, but I can play as well as before.”

P. D., Retired Manager, Weyerhaeuser , Kamloops, BC

 “I am glad I listened to my wife, this time, and had a session with Cea.  I noticed afterwards that a great weigh seemed to have been lifted from my chest.  I was less worried and I felt a lot more free.  I also noticed I was able to handle two difficult situations at work this week with way less stress.  I was able to be calm, put boundaries in place with less effort (and not worry about the reaction) which is making life much easier.  

D. N., Teacher & Chairman, Kamloops, BC

“I am prone to spraining my ankle and I sprained it one afternoon while hiking with Cea.  She did energy balancing work on it soon after it happened and the pain soon subsided.  Because I have sprained it many times before, I have a good idea as to how long it takes to heal up to a level where I can use it again.  I experienced less pain and swelling than usual and was able to use it in significantly less time than it usually would take.”

T.M., BSc, P. Mech Engineer, Vernon, BC

“I had a riding accident where I was thrown off my horse.  I was bruised up and sore, but more than anything, I was afraid I would be too scared to get on the horse again.  I did some work with Cea around my physical shake up as well as mental shake up.  Physically, I felt better soon after, and looking back, I see that I recovered from my fear, and able to get back on my horse much sooner than I had after other falls.”

L. B., Kamloops, BC

“I was unbearably stressed going through a court process.  When I came to Cea, I was barely able to function.  I had a headache, felt shaky and weak, couldn’t think straight and was not in my body- I was dissociated.  After the MindHeart healing arts session with Cea, I left feeling deeply relaxed, comfortable, with increased energy and was optimistic about my next step.  Thank you so much for your help Cea.”

J. N., Manager, Kamloops, BC

“Cea has a way of bringing balance into her sessions. She is very calm, grounded and forthwith in her healing work. What I have experienced in her sessions was very deep, allowing me to connect inward. She allowed space for my natural unfolding to occur, guiding me and helping me process what I was dealing with. Cea has a beautiful presence that evokes this healing.

She also worked distantly on my son and gave me accurate information about what he was dealing with as well as clear concrete recommendations to further the healing after the session. Whether distant or in person, I will definitely experience this journey with her again.”

Khema, Counsellor, Vancouver, BC

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