Children In Counselling

Children in Counselling

What children and parents say…

“My son didn’t ever want to leave Cea’s office.  He enjoyed his sessions and seemed to be able to focus and come up with a plan with her, dealing with a challenge, that he was able to carry through with during the week.  He became calmer, more cooperative and happier at home and we clashed less.  His work with Cea has helped all of us. Thank you.”  

K. T., Mom, HR, Kamloops, BC

“My daughter was very unnerved after being in a truck accident.  She couldn’t sleep, had nightmares, was anxious and couldn’t stop talking about it.  She was very stressed when we had to drive anywhere.  When it began interfering with school, we decided we had to do something to help her.  Within the first couple of sessions, she had shed her ever present preoccupation on the accident, was able to sleep better and focus on what was going on in the present- really able to get into playing and games with her friends again.  When we talked about the accident, she didn’t have the same stressed reaction as should would have had before, which has been a huge relief.  With Cea’s help, she’s been able to release the trauma surrounding the accident and get back to being an eight year old.  Even though it was a scary topic, she liked going to sessions, being able to talk and get help with it and making art and creating in the sandtray which was part of the process.”  

R. P., Mom, Manager, Kamloops, BC

“My son was lying and had a bad attitude at home and I was getting calls from his teacher at school because of his behavior. After a few sessions, he has become more open, positive and loving with me and his teacher even told me that his attitude has changed for the positive at school: he won a priviledge for best behavior in his class and is being more considerate and safety conscious at school!”

G. R., Dad, Kamloops, BC

“My 7 year old hated going to school and it was challenge every morning to get him there. He was also experiencing extremely upsetting night terrors lasting for long periods of time every night.  After only a few therapy and energy balancing sessions, the negative feelings he seemed to have for school disappeared and he was relaxed and happy to go to school- the fight was over.  As well, after the energy balancing session, his night terrors dissipated, he had one short one and then none.

M. T., Mom, Consultant, Kamloops, BC

“I have been in and out of counselling/therapy for over 10 years.  I have had many counsellors, seen many doctors and attended group therapy but I have made more progress with Cea than with any other therapist and I am very grateful to her. 

I have two young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and although they are “high functioning” they have special needs and require extra patience and understanding when communicating with them.  Cea works with both of my children and they respond very well to her.  They are more than happy to spend time with her because they feel safe and secure which is key to any therapeutic relationship, especially for children on the Autism spectrum.”

F.M., Mom, Legal Secretary, Kamloops, BC