Adults in Groups

Adults in Groups

What Adults in the ‘Mindfulness & Processing Through Art’ and the ‘Empowering Essential Self’ groups say…

“This experience has been beneficial to my life by giving me tools to navigate crisis, tools to tap into inner peace… tools to remain focused and present.”

Connie Parsons, Graphic Designer

“Combining mindfulness with art work was powerful. I didn’t realize until these sessions how centered our emotions are within our body. There has definitely been a change (in my general thinking & feeling state before and after the group sessions). I found it difficult to stay with the ‘negative/ hurting’ emotions initially but have learned to love and accept those as well.”

L. G.

“Cea was extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. ..she’s good at facilitating these classes.”

A. H., Occupational Therapist

“Cea has given me tools to use in my everyday life. I am enjoying the freedom to connect with others and share my journey. Mindfulness, digging deeper into myself and leaving with ‘tools’ to work on my own is very helpful. I can be open about where I’m at which in turn helps me to feel safe and trust without judgement. I enjoy the art and being able to reflect later on my own time. It has allowed (& reminded me) to become more creative in my own everyday life.”

Amanda Ziricino, Early Childhood Educator, La Dolce Vita Healing Arts & Education owner

“It helped me to maintain my equilibrium during a difficult period. Most valuable were the relaxing meditations. I am interested in seeing how this might become a part of my own art making. Cea was generous & caring.”


“I love working with Cea. She is so accepting and non-judgemental. She has really helped me understand what mindfulness means and how I can use it in my everyday life.”


“All of the exercises were beneficial to me. The timing of the class was perfect, I really needed this to help me transition…the art experiences were insight generating. My critical self has calmed down, I have become kinder to myself and more patient with myself and the process of healing. I have gotten more confidence to use the skills I already have within myself. Thank you so much Cea.”

A. H., Occupational Therapist

“The most valuable activity was the sequential meditation process that encompasses all senses to enhance full meditation ability. By starting meditation in increments, I was able to achieve a deeper fuller level of meditation. I have not been able to meditate for over 15 years. Now I can. Thank you.”


“‘I have arrived in this moment,’ centering idea has been helpful in my day to day life. Learning useful strategies for focusing and centering (was what I appreciated the most).”

Ron Ste Marie, Teacher

“The radical acceptance is very powerful. I also appreciate the support around letting go of the anxiety/fear while doing a visualization.”

S.G., MA

“Cea is enjoyable to work with- totally different approach for me. I have done some mindfulness before (without result), but this is working for me this time.”

Donna Faulkes, Secretary

“Cea was encouraging, helpful, open, accepting and well prepared.”

R.S., Teacher

“This experience has been beneficial in so many ways in my personal life and I will also incorporate more of what I learned in my professional life as well. Thank you Cea!”

L. G.

“Cea was awesome… kind, generous, welcoming, engaging — a bright light”

Connie Parsons, Graphic Designer