Adults in Counselling

Adults in Counselling

What adults in personal counselling with Cea say...

“Cea offers a fresh perspective or outlook, focused on self-love and acceptance, and uses a variety of methods to encourage progress. She has helped me to overcome self-limiting fears and take on new life-altering changes.”

Dr. Natasha Hayden

“Doing trauma therapy with (MindHeart) energetic healing arts is so fast, gentle and effective.  When I came in, I was in crisis due to a long history of attachment trauma. I’m happy with how fast we seem to be progressing.  This method is powerful- this could have taken a year to get through if we’d only been doing talk therapy!

L. S., Medical Professional  

Other counsellors have been kind and have attempted to inspire me, but Cea is teaching me skills that I can really use and that I have already found to be very effective. I have been in counselling for eight years and I have had ten counsellors. Cea is the first counsellor who has taken me seriously and neither dismissed my concerns nor was alarmed by me. I feel safe with her- not judged. Cea gives the impression that she is “at the helm of the ship” and that is reassuring for me.

F.M., Legal Administrative Assistant

“After my assault, I was scared to walk at night. Now I feel like, “Just try!” I’m not helpless or a victim.  Before I couldn’t let him go– now (after doing therapy & energywork), I feel that connection is gone– I can report him & protect myself without feeling guilty or bad.”


“Absolutely, I would recommend Cea to anyone I know who’s experiencing difficulties.

Her approach is gentle and holistic and effective.”

J. P.

“Since I have begun working with Cea, I feel a lot lighter- I’m not struggling through my life.

I like myself and have lost the “I hate you” mantra I used to say to myself.

I have far less anxiety and I am in less physical pain from my accident.

I’ve been able to release a lot and feel like I am ‘in my life’ now.

Even my friends have told me, “You seem happier now…” and I am.”

T.W., Manager

“What I love– having intelligent support that also includes an understanding of the creative & spiritual soul.”

Janet Whitehead, Life Coach & Author

“When I came to Cea, I was having serious doubts about my purpose. Thankfully I no longer do. I have become far more confident in myself and my ability to improve my quality of life. “

Jerid Ure, Owner, Technical Services

“I wanted to mention how effective it has been to do both MindHeart Healing Arts work with counselling.  When I brought my tween daughter to see you, it felt like our world had crumbled. The MindHeart healing arts session was an instant relief for her.  I felt her anxiety subside and she was then able to come to counselling. After four counselling sessions, she was clear, she was able to understand and heal through a potentially marring experience…we thank you.”

T. R, Parent, Kamloops, BC

“Working with Cea has made a difference in how I go through my day– the work that we have done stays in my awareness because of the practical techniques I learn in session. Being able to check in (to my body and thoughts) and notice progress is positive and helpful. I like that I am given something to work on between sessions…”

Paul, Designer

“Cea has given me the tools (like mindful exploration, visualization and checking in on how the body feels) to help me see things that I would not have seen otherwise and to look at things differently. Cea is a very supportive, positive and easy person to talk to.”

Kelly McKay, Chef, Artist

“Cea is flexible and very open to helping me move to the next level of my healing.

She has a very large kind heart… she truly wants to help you heal and move forward.”

Amanda Ziricino, ECE, La Dolce Vita Healing Arts & Education owner

“Cea was thoughtful, compassionate, accepting, gentle, intuitive.

She made things I was embarassed and uncomfortable to say out loud Ok. She helped me learn so much- especially how to be more gentle with myself, how to accept even ugly parts of myself. I love how she draws on many different philosophies and techniques to find what will work.”

T. L.

“As a counsellor, Cea was understanding, helpful, full of resources – inspiring.”

D.F., Secretary

“Cea was intelligent, thoughtful, charming and kind.

She has a wonderful way of framing a situation so there is always a way out.

I would certainly recommend her to anyone I know- everyone could benefit from more

‘guided self-reflection’ and care.”

J.U., Owner, Technical Services