What participants are saying about Chakradance…

“I love Chakradance.  Cea created a safe space for an embodied experience.  It was fun, freeing, inspiring, and relaxing.  I’m not much of a dancer.  And, especially, not much of a dancer in front of people.  In Chakradance each person is doing their own thing and it felt completely comfortable to move my body to the music in any way that felt right in the moment.” 


“Cea facilitated deep and sacred space for us, for the highly evocative music and meditation. It awakened in my body an exploration and reintegration with each of my chakras and how they work as a whole. The flow of each evening was inspiring, harmonizing for me and a celebration of our bodies and our movement. I still love looking at my art pieces that flowed from the experience. One piece stays on my altar, a touchstone to those powerful moments of insight, freedom and joy. Chakra Dance with Cea is one of the richest, deeply healing, creative multisensory modalities that I have experienced in my life.”

MJ, Counsellor

“Chakradance… I was intrigued- the connectedness, music, the dance, the mindfulness, the mandala art expression.  This has been such a powerful and rewarding experience for me, and I’m really excited for more! Sign me up! Asap please.”

Una Connor