Workshops and Seminars

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Adults in Workshops & Seminars

What participants in ‘Feeding My Fire’ workshops have to say…

“Thank you soooooooo much for the workshop. It was amazing. Truly. I felt buoyant and wonderful when I got home- loved all aspects.   And you are an amazing facilitator- so calm and open and beautiful.”

J. N., Counsellor, Paint & Presence Workshop, Kamloops, BC

“Thank you for holding beautiful space at your studio & the yoga, the chakradance, nature walks, delicious meals & painting! I learned so much about myself and became very clear about a few details of my life as a creative. I think that allowing myself to get grounded and connect with nature, without the distraction of everyday life, was exactly what I needed to move to the next step on my path. I learned a lot in the painting sessions and it was wonderful to paint with such a lovely group of peeps.

When Chakradance comes available in the new year, I will definitely be looking into it. I loved it!! It’s like meditating and dancing all at once.”

C. Y., Artist, Paint & Presence Workshop, Kamloops, BC

     “Very nourishing day! Loved the relaxed pace & mix of stillness, movement, art. Very gentle, full of                           permission to be curious, be open and do what we need to do to nurture ourselves.  Thank you – it was such a treat”

                                                  Seed to Tree Retreat, Paul Lake, BC                                                            

“Thank you for an amazing day!  Helped me come out of my shell.  I was very apprehensive meeting new people and the dance aspect.  You created a safe non-judgemental environment.  I wouldn’t change anything other than sending me the recipe for the muffins!”  

                                                 Seed to Tree Retreat, Paul Lake, BC                                                                      

“The whole day ran so smooth & seamlessly and I felt there was a great balance between all of the different elements.  I feel very grounded, calm & fulfilled.  It was such a wonderful opportunity to focus on my own nourishment- spiritually & physically.  I am so grateful.”  

                                        Seed to Tree Retreat, Paul Lake, BC                                                      

“I enjoyed everything you presented us with today- I was a little nervous with the chakradance at first, however, soon warmed up to the idea as I certainly did not feel under pressure.  Loved doing the     mandala.  My favorite part of the day was spending time in artwork- doing batik.   Great group food.                                                                  Awesome day!”                                                                           

                                     Seed to Tree Retreat, Paul Lake, BC                                                     

“Thanks for getting me out of my head.  Loved the movement, art & opportunity to play and connect.     Very inspiring afternoon.  Thanks Cea!”                          

                                    Seed to Tree Retreat, Paul Lake, BC                                                            

         “I loved the retreat!  Everything was amazing.  I’d love to do an overnight camping retreat.”  

Seed to Tree Retreat, Paul Lake, BC                 

      “Liked: The surroundings- peaceful, beautiful – Good clean food – Great view – Good group size.  Opportunities for improvement: (even) more colors for batik!”  

                                                  Seed to Tree Retreat, Paul Lake, BC                                                                                          

“I enjoyed the casual pace of the day and the variety of healing/wellness modalities. The food was amazing and the best was definitely getting creative with such a great group of women!”  

Seed to Tree Retreat, Paul Lake, BC                   

What Educators & Counsellors attending training seminars and workshops (or have had their students participate in workshops) have to say…

“Thank you for the wonderful workshop…You are an engaging, knowledgeable, grounded presenter. I loved the workshop and wanted to stretch out time… You are doing wonderful work and I am excited that someone like you is working in this way- especially with youth.”

Kirsten Vinge, MA Counselling, Physiotherapist, BC Post-Secondary Counsellor’s Conference, Kelowna, BC

“Thank you for the amazing work you did in bringing the Art Explosion project to our school. It was very encouraging to see the girls engage in the project which enabled them to feel safe enough to be introspective and to use the gained self-knowledge for artistic self-expression…they gained from your expertise as did the school community (as it) provided these students greater voice, a greater sense of belonging, and a greater opportunity for inclusion.”

Caroline Hilland, Vice-principal, Twin Rivers Education Center, Kamloops, BC 

“Cea is a lovely and engaging speaker. She comes across as real and down-to-earth and easily created safety in the room. I can see how she would be very effective working with young people and engaging clients in expressive arts projects. I appreciate the extensive training she has had and how she blends mindfulness, art and somatic therapies. Very interesting.”

Counsellor, BC Post-Secondary Counsellors Conference, Kelowna, BC “

Awesome session! I have attended a seminar with Cea before – she never disappoints! Will see her again, and again, and again!”

S. N., BC Alternate Education Association Conference 2014, Vancouver, BC

“Thank you so much for your generosity sharing your materials. I really enjoyed your presentation… the exercises you shared will be useful in counseling post-secondary students. You have a lovely open manner in presenting & I hope to see and hear more from you in the future.”

Laurie Minuk, Counsellor, Okanagan College, Penticton, BC

“What I found most valuable about your workshop was the process of tapping into my inner creative self and uncovering some themes I have been wrestling with…It was very exciting to see these themes emerge through your mindfulness based art activities. I particularly found the “gingerbread man” activity useful as I was able to explore…the dimensions of my inner protector. This piece of art is now hanging in my office and serves to remind me of my strengths, but also the areas I wish to do some more work in.” “I enjoyed the activity where you had us write whatever came to mind without judgment and then transfer the dominant words and themes onto another sheet of paper and use color and shapes to accentuate. I was able to let go and let the process take over and be curious about what surfaced. It felt as though I was able to disengage from my cognitive brain for a while and access my creative emotional brain. This was a very powerful experience.” “I’d like to bring some of these exercises into the counselling work I do with students, either in workshops or individual sessions. Thank you for inspiring me!”

Derrick Doige, MEd, Counsellor, Okanagan College, Vernon, BC, BC Post-Secondary Counsellor’s Conference

“Great info…loved the exercise. We all need this!”

T.N., BCAEAC, Vancouver, BC

“The content of (the) workshop is excellent and speaks to so very many important issues; emotional intelligence, self awareness, addictions, etc…”

M.G., BCAEAC, Vancouver, BC

“Great content, well researched, very solid program.”

R.T., BCAEAC, Vancouver, BC

“This was the most real & relevant seminar I’ve been to at this conference…”

H.B., BC Spring Digital Learning Conference, Vancouver, BC

“I appreciate your passion…”

J.V., BCAEAC, Vancouver, BC

“I really enjoyed the hands on content- great way to show how to do the activities.”

R.R., BCAEAC, Vancouver, BC

“Practical, thoughtful, fun!”

J.E., BCAEAC, Vancouver, BC

“Presenter is obviously highly intelligent and (has) put much great work into the resources she’s developed…”

A.L., BCAEAC, Vancouver, BC

“Love to try this with our (teen) mom’s group…”

C.J., BCAEAC, Vancouver, BC

“This was the most worthwhile seminar at this conference- thanks for coming.”

P.T., BC Spring Digital Learning Conference, Vancouver, BC

“Great resource – 5/5! “

S.R., BCAEAC, Vancouver, BC

“Great session. I learned lot from experiencing it… Cea was excellent. She was a great example of ‘mindfulness.’ Loved this afternoon.”

P. T., BCAEAC 2014, Vancouver, BC

“Good content. Excellent exercises.”

I.R., BCAEAC 2014, Vancouver, BC

“Learned about myself!”

T. M.,BCAEAC 2014, Vancouver, BC

“…the content and process is fantastic and important to our youth.”

L.C., BCAEAC, Vancouver, BC

“I could use this program in every aspect of my work.”

B.N., BCAEAC, Vancouver, BC

“Thank you for all of the work that you did with our students this year- I know our girls really enjoyed it. I am hopeful that we can expand your work here next year.”

Kent Brewer, Principal, Twin Rivers Education Centre, Kamloops, BC


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