Neuroscience-based Trauma Therapy, Mindfulness & Expressive Arts Therapies: adults, children, teens experiencing PTSD symptoms, Anxiety, Depression, Abuse (mental, emotional, physical, sexual), Attachment & Relationship issues, Developmental Trauma & Derailment, Whiplash/MVA (ICBC approved therapeutic method), Medical Procedure Trauma, Birth/Prenatal Trauma, Stress-related Illness, Chronic Pain, Autoimmune Disorders, Divorce, Grief & Loss.  I work gently, effectively and often enjoyably with your brain, nervous system and body to bring you back toward a calm, resourced, empowered state of well being.  Individual sessions, groups & retreats at my Kamloops office or studio at Paul Lake, BC.  Child therapy involves somatic-based trauma, sandtray, play & expressive arts therapies. High reviews. Weekdays with some evening session times. Clinical Specializations:

CEA WINTER, MEd,  Registered Clinical Counsellor,  Trauma Recovery Therapist Mindfulness & Expressive Arts Therapist

Hello. I’d like to welcome you to Shimmering Tree Counselling & Wellness.  A place of healing, presence and sanctuary- where all parts of you are welcome.  Where you will be held with unconditional positive regard, be heard deeply, and be safe enough to be able to be honest about what’s not working- what it is your heart is calling for. It is a place where you can find the support and expertise needed to ground, re-regulate and connect with your own wisdom, to flexibly meet the challenges you face, no matter how hard that may feel now.

I see clearly, even if you cannot yet, your wholeness, your strength, your exquisite essential self, as well as the wounds and the chaos that may be clouding some of that now.  To quote the song lyrics that ring so true, “I did what I did before love came to town,” we are all doing the best we can with the ability,  knowledge and awareness we have had.  If you long for clarity, to feel comfortable in your own body, to feel good about who you are and what you aspire to and to have that radiate out from your core into all that you touch, then you have found your safe place for                                                                                                   real transformative work.                                                                                       For the past 20 years, I have sought out and practiced healing methods that touch not only my mind, but my whole being.   This has lead to the most thorough time effective growth and change in both myself and my clients.  These methods range from neuroscience-based trauma recovery therapy, to mindfulness-based therapy for correcting negative unconscious beliefs that are ‘driving the bus,’ to harnessing the power of the mind, heart & intention for focused healing at a bio-energetic level.  You choose your rate of recovery- many accelerate their process by concurrently engaging in Shimmering Tree’s holistic therapeutic Wellness experiences: groups, retreats & recognized therapies.

Peak experiences create changes in the brain —  changes in our sense of possibility — what we feel capable of —  inspiring us to step into our peak life

Upcoming Events

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Chakradance Journeying Series 

Coming this September in Kamloops

Explore, express & feel the peak energy & elation that comes with quieting your mind, connecting with your instincts, moving freely to inspired music, dancing, making mandala art, processing issues, gaining clarity, increasing harmony & joy simply by working with your innate body wisdom in this feel good way

Using sound wave entrainment, mindful awareness & uncensored self expression methods to access, process & re-negotiate lingering issues or traumas that are often under the level of conscious awareness, yet ‘driving our bus (mood, decisions & life).’  Take this intriguing, grounded & richly sensuous step into creating more emotional freedom, power & unabashed aliveness

Free your shine ~ dance & explore deeper into the rich mystery

*Recognized by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists as a healing modality.

‘Nurturing the Goddess’ Mindfulness, Expressive Arts & Batikking 

One Day Mini-Retreat  –  August 13th

Connect with your own intuition, knowing and healing vision through mindfulness, gentle yoga, tracing music into movement, dance, guided visualization and art-making.  Join us and take in the feel good space of Shimmering Tree studio, beautiful shared food, inner landscape exploration, the exhilaration of expressing in your own way– in the company of like-minded explorers.  Along with a sense of clarity, rejuvenation & intrigue, you will be taking home a painting in dye & wax-a batik tapestry that symbolizes some of your heart exploration, truth & vision.

ARTICLE: How to Calm, Ground & Help Trauma-proof Yourself & Your Children During Difficult Times

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