About Shimmering Tree

mentor photoHi.  My name is Cea, which, if you’re not sure how it’s pronounced, rhymes with tree, chi, sea and bee.  You can choose how you want to remember.   🙂

Truly, I am more interested in hearing about you but that will have to wait a bit.

My background is in the arts, psychology, body wisdom (psychophysiology) and healing.  I have arrived at the designation of registered clinical counsellor with the BC Clinical Counsellors Association, with a Masters in counselling, and specializations in neuroscience-based trauma recovery, mindfulness, expressive arts therapies and energetic healing the backwards way- doing most of my specialized training before my Masters.  Perhaps it was the right way because it enabled me to integrate these methods for optimal health and well being.

Passionate about potential, truth, inner exploration, expression and human motivation, I explored many avenues.  I accepted only those that resonated as true in my own mind, as well as body. These I have sought higher training in and practice not only with clients, but, you may find it reassuring- in my own life.  And this is what forms the foundation of what I offer at Shimmering Tree Counselling & Wellness: the opportunity to live more freely, securely, peacefully, pleasurably and joyfully, in sync with your body and your mind’s self healing (or self regulating) capacities and on track with your purpose.

I work in private practice in a warm and welcoming office in Kamloops and now at a clay cob studio on Paul Lake, with women, children, teens, men and groups (see Healing Space).  I have also worked as a counsellor and teacher in secondary schools. For the past few years, I have worked as a certified Self Regulation Therapist, using neuroscience-based methodology that works with the mind, body and nervous system to process and release trauma and it’s effects. Experienced working on an energetic level with clients, I integrate energy psychology methods into therapy as requested or needed.

For many years, I have worked as a mindfulness-based expressive arts specialist, supporting individuals in connecting with their essential selves, strengths, exploring issues, expressing, healing and integrating through mindfulness and through the creative processes of art-making, writing, movement and dance.  Using these methods, I have lead empowerment workshop series for at-risk teens in school in collaboration with ArtStarts BC, as well as lead seminars in post secondary counselling, alternative education and distance education conferences.  

Through my business, Refreshing Education Co., I developed a series of accredited online courses using mindfulness and art to build a solid authentic sense of self and vision for one’s life and world. The Art Explosion: Empowerment for Life courses are now being used in schools and prisons in BC and across western and northern Canada. (More at http://www.refreshingeducation.ca)

What else is relevant to my practice?  Ah, I am a mother of teens.  Blessed be all mothers (& fathers) of teens!  (Not to mention teens- no one gets off easy!)  🙂

I have lived and worked on rez (reserve) in the Yukon and Alberta and have admiration and some understanding of First Nations culture, including the value and importance of different ways of knowing, connection to and respect for the earth and all on it, and the powerful spiritual practice of sweatlodge.

2467I began studying and practicing many of the methods I regularly use now, more than ten years ago. Some of these include Hakomi: Mindfulness-based therapy, Self Regulation therapy, Mind-Body Attunement therapy, Mindfulness, Energetic Healing, Yoga, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and Chakradance.  My own wellness practice includes informal mindfulness, meditation, yoga, energetic healing arts, time in nature, expressive art-making, writing, movement and dance.

For the past 4 years I have been building a clay cob studio on Paul Lake.  I’m grateful to finally be able to bring the vision of creating a sacred space for healing, empowerment, discovering deeper purpose and bringing ‘joie de vivre’ to life, by opening the doors of the Shimmering Tree Counselling & Wellness Studio, September 2016.20160503_211445

I have recently had the opportunity of leading a life-changing Me to We – Free the Children volunteer trip for youth and adults to Enelerai, Kenya.

Although I am in love with life now and have always striven for the the best outcomes, I have come through some very dark times.  I spent many years focused on saving my marriage until it finally became clear, with counselling and the clarity that comes through a committed mindfulness practice, that I was trying to make it work with someone who was not willing or able to take ownership of his issues, actions or work to heal and change.  I know what it is to experience physical, mental and emotional abuse, aggressive character slander, loss of community, threat of taking children away, co-parenting when the other parent has been undermining, financial threat during separation and divorce, and fear for personal safety.

This process has added to my insight, experience and ability to support those going through relationship difficulties, separation and divorce with children- on both sides. My deep belief and love for my husband and family kept me in the relationship for twenty years. Through this experience, I became fascinated with, and compassionate to, what early experiences, beliefs and conditions are often at the root of dysfunctional and abusive relationship behaviors.

I recognized what deficits in my own early experiences and sense of self made me, and make many others with similar experiences, susceptible to staying in unhealthy relationships, why persons with different issues are attracted to each other, and the resultant dynamics. I also have pretty clear insight into what is realistic to expect in relationships when partners have had early trauma or are manifesting personality disorder characteristics, unhealthy relationship behaviors and ensuring healthy boundaries and processes are in place.  (More on ‘My Story’)


What I offer is simply what has worked for me.

We are remarkably complex and multifaceted beings, with long histories, surprising hearts and capacity, and often, unseen wounds. We, each, deserve to be met with unconditional positive regard, be seen safely and compassionately – in our magnificence (our core self) and in our wounds and chaos, and to be supported in the way we most need.

I offer a holistic program that comes from years of experience and begins where you are, whether it is stablising from crisis or loss, releasing trauma held in the body as well as mind, or understanding and overcoming the issue you are struggling with now. No matter how discouraged or hopeless you are feeling, healing and transforming these root issues into opportunities for growth and increased resiliency are possible.

When there is a basic level of stability, I introduce other methods that will best support you in increasing awareness, releasing, integrating, healing, healthy coping and cultivating strength. Essentially, I facilitate the opportunity to calm, re-regulate your nervous system, heal past traumas, connect with and celebrate your authentic self, and make congruent self honoring choices to actively create the meaningful life and relationships you want.

Engaging in one or more of the wellness supporting activities at Shimmering Tree will help you immensely in emotional processing and integrating, sustaining your energy and motivation, feeling connection, intrigue, joy, reaching your goals and living in your full expression of aliveness.


  • Personal Counselling
  • Trauma Recovery Therapy
  • ‘Rewiring for Resiliency & Well Being’ Growth Group


  • MindHeart Healing Arts
  • ‘Feeding My Fire’ Mini-Retreats & Workshops
  • Chakradance
  • Mindfulness in Motion (Yoga, Movement & Meditation)
  • Cocooning

Post Secondary Degrees

Bachelor of Arts     Major: English    Minor: Visual Art     Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC     1993

Bachelor of Education with Distinction     Majors: English, Art,  Psychology     Minor: Spanish     University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK     1996

Masters of Education in Counselling     GPA 4.0+     Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC     2014


Specialized Training

The additional training and experiences that underpin and inspire my work are:

Trauma Recovery Therapy

Self Regulation Therapy

Dr. Edward Josephs, Dr. Lynn Zettl, Center for Trauma Research & Education, Kelowna, BC

Foundational Level I training     2011
Foundational Level II training     2011
Foundational Level III training    2011

Supervision, observation & personal therapy (30 hrs)

Advanced Levels I – lV training     2012-13

  • High Impact Trauma: motor vehicle incidents, falls, whiplash syndrome, post-concussive disorder                           
  • Medical/Dental Trauma: surgery, anesthesia, poisonings, hospitalizations, physical injury  
  • Relational Trauma: rape, assault, sexual abuse, shame, dissociation  
  • Global Activation: fetal distress and birth trauma, near drowning, electrocution, suffocation, high fevers, hallucinogens, psychosis, seizures 

Supervision, observation & personal therapy (30 hrs)  

Post-Advanced Training

  • Psychological Anatomy (40 hrs)     2015                                                                         
  • Practical Applications of SRT for Children and Teens (24 hrs)     2016
  • Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Syndromes: Psychophysiology & Treatment (20 hrs) 2017                                                                     

Mind Body Attunement Therapy                                                                                              

Dr. Kevin Miller, Black Rock Psychotherapy & Training Center, Vernon, BC     2013                                         

  • Dealing with Attachment Trauma – Loss (20 hrs)                                                                             
  • Dealing with Attachment Trauma – Neglect (20 hrs)                                                                      
  • Dealing with Attachment Trauma – Shame (20 hrs)                                                                     
  • Dealing with Attachment Trauma – Abuse (20 hrs)          



Ecotherapy Level One certificate – Earthbody Institute, California 2022

Deep Belonging in the Great Turning, Ecospiritual Decolonial Journey course, Wild Nature Heart Institute, California 2022

Intro to Soulcraft – Animas Valley Institute, Colorado 2023

Soulcraft Intensive – Animas Valley Institute, Las Ventanas Wilderness Area, California 2023


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PaT)

ATMA Intro to Psychedelic Assisted Therapy certificate – Feb 2023

ATMA Advanced Psychedelic Assisted Therapy completion certificate Oct 2023

ATMA Psychedelic Assisted Certified certificate – pending coaching & participation in Health Canada clinical trial, Fall 2023



Hakomi Method: Mindfulness-based Therapy

  • Vancouver, BC (100 hrs)     2006     
  • Kamloops, BC  (175 hrs)     2006-7
  • Training intensive with founder, Ron Kurtz,  Ashland, Oregon  (115 hrs)     2007

Preventure, Kamloops, BC   2022

Using Expressive Arts Therapy With Children & Youth, Vancouver   2017

Art Therapy Interventions, Leslie Holm, RAT, Vancouver   2017

Exploring Emotions and Behaviour with Music, Tatyana Dobrowolski, MTA, Vancouver   2017

Family Play Therapy Techniques, Rosamond Chan, RCC, & Phoebe Tsang, Vancouver   2017

Art Therapy: Symbols of Wellness & Illness Across Cultures, Kootenay Art Therapy Institute, Nelson, BC     2000

Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy, Margaret Jones Callahan, MA, RCC, UCSD, San Diego, CA     2013

Befriending Your Mind, Befriending Your Life, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, UCSD, San Diego, CA    2013  

Using Mindfulness in Clinical Counselling, UCSD, San Diego, CA     2013



Usui Reiki Master training, Kamloops, BC     2006-7

Quantum Touch (Traditional Energetic Healing Techniques Across Cultures), Vancouver, BC     2007

Karuna Reiki Master training, Kamloops, BC     2007-8

BodyTalk Access training, Kamloops, BC     2009


Mindfulness Meditation, Art of Living Foundation, Kamloops, BC     2010                                  

Meditation  Retreat , 7 day, Birken Forest Monastery, Kamloops, BC     2013                                 

Yoga Instructor, Fitflow Fitness Yoga, BC Recreation & Parks Association, Kelowna, BC     2013    

Intro to Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Nicole Marcia, MA, Vancouver    2017

Arts Training, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia     2013

    • Batik: Painting with Dye method
    • Japanese Oil Painting method     


Five Rhythms, Moving meditation & emotional processing dance/movement classes & workshops Kamloops & Vancouver, BC     2010-2016

Chakradance Instructor, Mindful movement/dance, mandala art emotional processing     2014

Prana Flow & Yoga Dance, Shiva Rea, Beloved Festival, Tidewater Falls, Oregon     2015

Playback Theatre, Debe Edden, Kamloops, BC      2023